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About OAC

Ouachita ATV Club is based in Mena, Ar. We are a family oriented club that promotes ATV education & safety and responsible use of the National Forest and trails. All family members are welcome to ride. Our local trails provide enjoyable riding from Novice to Experienced levels.

OAC works in conjunction with the US Forest Service on the Wolfpen Gap ATV Trail system to implement and maintain new trail signage, trash receptacles at various points on the trails and regular trash collection and maintenance, review of USFS Scoping Reports and involvement in trail management and access.

OAC currently has over 450 members and several sponsors. Many families and individuals from out of state have joined OAC. By making use of our internet website, email, and Facebook, out of state members have the ability to keep up with Club activities, monthly meeting minutes and the current conditions of Ouachita Mountain trail riding. When the club has events, it may be a bit harder to attend and we understand this. The Directors make every effort to plan events and schedule work days as far in advance as possible. Our OAC club members can be found working on and enjoying riding various trails up and down western Arkansas, but as a club local to the Wolfpen Gap ATV Trail system, we usually concentrate our trail maintenance efforts here. We ask that our out of town/state members keep an eye on the announcement sections of the website and forum and make plans to attend as many club activities as you can and share the good times!

Don't be discouraged if you have no local club to join in your area, OAC is a thriving atv club with many Club activities to participate in throughout the year.
When you join, you:
  • Help protect the future of ATV'ing in Arkansas and surrounding states
  • Have a chance to meet new people who also enjoy the sport.
  • Assist us in educating fellow ATV riders of the importance of improving the sport's image.
  • Help us organize events for all ATV enthusiasts.
  • Help the Club monitor and respond to ATV legislation.
  • Are informed of newly developed trails and ATV laws.
  • Help promote rider safety

Click Here for OAC's Bylaws

Keep informed! Check here for updated information on the local trails, closures and other news.
Check here for a list of the events we have planned. Family friendly and fun!
Check here often to see what projects the club is working on. Want to help? Just let us know.
From Our President
Ouachita ATV Club has been very busy lately fighting to keep OUR Ouachita National Forest open to the public for us all to enjoy. We have spent countless hours preparing information that is being used by the Blue Ribbon Coalition to prepare our appeal, I would personally like to say "Thank You!" to them for all their help. I would like to encourage anyone who is not a member of the BRC to join, it is very important in our battle to preserve land access across the entire country. Another thing I'd like to ask you to do is to become a member of the Ouachita ATV Club if you're not already, we need your help and support! Once again I'd like to say thanks to all the fine members of our club for all that they have done in the past few months.
Thank You, Tim Kiser ~ President, OAC
The Ouachitas are a beautiful place to enjoy. Help us keep it that way! Please pick up your trash and ride on trails only. Thank You and have a great ride!

Ouachita ATV Club