Local Trails

The Ouachita Mountains run East to West through Arkansas and Oklahoma. There are many excellent ATV Trails for all skill levels through the beautiful Ouachita Mountains. From rocky bluffs, to deep canyon creek crossings, the Ouachita Mountains has something for all off-road enthusiasts.

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Fourche Mountain Trail

The Fourche Mountain Trail (formerly Mill Creek Equestrian Trail) offers breathtaking views of Fourche Mountain and Buck Knob. Beautiful streams, and several spectacular views of the Ouachita Mountains are among the trail sites. While this trail network provides horseback riding opportunities, it also offers day hiking, mountain biking, ORV and motorcycle riding.

Sugar Creek Multi-Use Trail

Trail Highlights: Sugar Creek Multi-Use Trail is a network of looping trails that winds over various types of terrain and through a variety of tree types. Rides range from moderately easy to more difficult. Connecting loops offer users an opportunity to explore exciting outdoor opportunities.

Wolf Pen Gap

Featuring high mountain vistas, the trail leads the rider through an array of areas, including scenic Gap Creek and Board Camp Creek. The trail continues through a forest of large pines and hardwoods before passing the unique 2-footed oak tree and an abandoned mine shaft. The trail loops are connected to accommodate riders who want to vary the length of their trips.

For a SAFE Trip

  • Know the operating limitations of your vehicle.
  • Know your own limitations.
  • Maintain your vehicle.
  • Know the weather and plan accordingly.
  • Carry emergency repair equipment as well as food and warm clothes.
  • Always wear a helmet and proper safety clothes.
  • Supervise young riders.
  • Always be courteous when you approach or pass other trail users.

Riders are encouraged to tread lightly to protect the resources and environment. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid running over young trees, shrubs and grasses-this damages and kills them.
  • MUD BOGGING – Stay off soft, wet trails and trails already badly rutted.
  • Cross streams only at designated crossings. KEEP OUT OF CREEKS
  • Stay on designated routes – resist the urge to pioneer a new trail or switchback.
  • Do not chase or intentionally disturb wildlife.
  • Take your litter with you when you leave the National Forest or on any Trails.
  • Obey closures and regulatory signs.
  • Travel at safe and reasonable speed – TWO WAY TRAFFIC on Trails
Things to take and to do before you leave

  1. Dry clothing-Warm coat, gloves, shoes, socks, pants, shirt, blanket in a water proof bag
  2. Extra gas & oil, air pump and tire patch kit, spark plug(s) plugs are known to go bad new or old have a extra!!!
  3. First aid kit including personal medicine!!!
  4. Extra food &water!!!
  5. Some sort of location device and good map of area.
  6. A good set of rain gear.
  7. Flashlight sticks or some dependable light source.
  8. Make sure your OHV is ready- check oil,fill gas tank,tire pressure,coolant level,steering linkage,just be sure its safe.
  9. Pay attention to the route you take so you can follow it back if needed. GPS unit really helps a lot here.
  10. Never ride alone!!!!….. BUDDY SYSTEM!
  11. Let some one know where you are going and what time to expect you back. Notify local club you will be in the area.
  12. Know the state regulations in which you ride.

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